\(\LARGE\textbf{Welcome to the 2013 }\rho\hbar\gamma s \hat o c\textbf{ page!}\)

Aug 28: AGM and New Executive Committee for 2014

From talks to swipe card access and open windows in the PHYSOC room, 2013 has been a huge and successful year.Congratulations to the newly elected committee who will make 2014 an even better year.

President: Phil Vankerkoerle
Secretary: Iris Uy
Treasurer: Calum Gemmell
Arc representative: Sarah Lugay
Events coordinators: Dick Taylor and Gwun Yiu Lee
Media: Denis Khoshaba
Postgraduate representative: Ben Roberts

Expect some change to happen!


Aug 15: First year info session

For those who weren't able to make it to the info session, the slides from the presentation can be downloaded from here.


May 17: EGM and new executives

Today's EGM was a success with lots of nominations, voting, and pizza-eating.

Please welcome our newest execs, first-year rep Sarah Lugay and events co-ordinator Gwun Yiu Lee.
Congratulations also to Richard and Phil on their promotions to secretary and Events events co-ordinator respectively.

Thank you to everyone else for running for positions (competition was really close!) and for coming to votes!


Apr 22: Swipe Card Access!

The PHYSOC room now has swipe card access enabled! All physics students 2nd year to postgrads will have access Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm.

Thanks to Richard Newbury and the School of Physics for getting this done for us!


Feb 25: Its O-Week!

To kick off the academic calendar, PHYSOC has lots of things lined up:

Please drop by and say hi! We will be located in the Quadrangle, stall Q9, for all 5 days.

Stay posted regarding the talks we're planning. I hope you're excited - the idea isn't for info so much for a chance to chill out with researchers and fellow students and talk about interesting physics outside of classtime. also, food and drink. See our Event's page for more info.


Jan 1: Happy New Year!

New webpage is finally up (its fully validated too). And appropriately timed too! I'm keeping the design simple.

Stay tuned! We've got heaps of awesome events planned for 2013!