A place for some (hopefully helpful) resources for PHYSOC students.


The Physoc Room holds a collection of physics and maths texts. Stay tuned for a list of avaliable books.


The school of physics hosts a forum here for all physics students. Registration is required


LaTeX is a markup language similar to html that is specifically designed for typesetting equations and page layouts for scientific essays. It also has the advantage of being completely free to download and use.



The easiest way to install is to download MiKTeX, an all inclusive package with an editor and LaTeX code compiler.


Most Linux distributions include LaTeX as part of their repositories, a simple search is usually able to find it. For example, Ubuntu's LaTeX package is called texlive.
If you are using emacs, installing auctex adds LaTeX support.


Similarly to windows, a package called MacTeX is avaliable for download

LaTeX Resources:

The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX (PDF)

An excellent guide, and probably the best place to start learning.

LaTeX Wikibook

An excellent reference for LaTeX commands

Ben Roberts has also written a quick beginners guide to LaTeX that is avaliable in the Docs section of the PHYSOC Facebook page, or by clicking here.