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Mt Stromlo post bish fire photos

I took some photos at Mt Stromlo to show how different the place is without trees

UNSW wins at 2nd ANU National Physics Competition

UNSW Physics students win first prizes at the ANU competition, which seen students from Australia and New Zealand compete. 

The theory section which consisted of a 3 hour exam was won by Andrew Sunderland, picture here, exam here

The practical section paired students from different universities and was won by David Kruss (UNSW) and Richard Provo (Auckland), photo here.

The "Ashes" was won by Australia and the team prize was won by the University of Canterbury (NZ)

2005 revamp of the site.

I am giving the site a facelift. I just looked at the code for this page and noticed it has been stuffed up by mozilla

Annual Dinner photos

Coming soon, I have been too lazy to put them up as I have to shrink the photos to a size that is more friendly to a slow dsl or pots connection. 28/11/04

Annual Dinner

Our Annual Dinner will be on Friday 29th October at the Teascape in Randwick
The cafe will be exclusively ours for the night. The cafe is decorated with Hollywood memorabilia and on set photos of Hollywoods greatest stars.

There is more on the Phorum here

Astrotrip Photos

Some photos are now online here

Astrotrip 2004

Oversubscribed, there are no more seats left

25-27 September (mid-session break)

This year we will be visiting the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) and other scopes at the ATNF facility - Narrabri. We then head down to Coonabarabran to visit Mopra and Siding Springs.

The trip will cost aprox $60, includes breakfast and dinners, accommodation and transport.

School Annual Report

School Annual Report released, special mention of Postgrad seminar members organised by our Postgrad members, see article here

Radio astronomy Project

  The School is going to let us use it's satellite dish on top of the Old Main Building and equipment for radioastronomy and other projects. We plan to commence work after the final exams on July 1. Go to our new web page here.

Coming in session 2

Annual Camp, Astrotrip

Past Stuff

BBQ Photos

  Photos from Wednesday Week 5 BBQ are now on the web in the gallery

Exec photos

  See photos of the 2004 exec in "Meet the Exec"

Secret Boxwars photos

  Some physics students have too much time on their hands, see ringside photos from the latest round of Boxwars. Photos here

Meet the First Years Lunch

12.30pm Friday 26th March in Room 64, Staff/Postgrad common room. Free food and drinks while you mingle with the new students.

New Executive

  Our AGM, held on March 10 elected a new executive. Click on "Meet the Exec."

Physoc Flyer

  Physoc now has a flyer which gives an outline of the society. Download it (128kB pdf)

O-Week 2004

  Physoc will be having a tent on the main walkway on Wednesday and Thursday of O-week. We will be having a bbq and selling doughnuts. Our store will be located infront of the Red Center, west wing.

Welcome back party

  From 11am Monday Physoc will be having a welcome back party at our tent on the walkway. We will also be celebrating the birthdays of several Physoc members. Drinks will be held in the common room afterward.

Physoc AGM 2004

  We will be having our AGM to vote in the 2004 executive in Week 2. All physics majors are welcome to come. There will be a free lunch

Physoc Chatroom

  Physoc now has an irc chat room on Austnet. It is named #physoc Come allong and chat with fellow physics students. It can also be a point of help if your stuck on an assignment question, etc. If your new to internet chat, its simple to connect. Download an irc client (such as mIRC), create a nickname, select Austnet as a server. once you do that type "/join #physoc" (leave out the quotes) at the command line in the status window and your in.

Why does the web page look cheap?

It's fast (execpt for the photos) and easy to maintain. Feel free to make any comments, put them in the forum so they can be reviewed by your peers.

Astrotrip 2003

Dave's photos are now on the web in the gallery.

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